Thiru Seven Hills Polytechnic College is one of the Major Institutions managed by the Sri Muthukumaran Educational Trust.



To provide organization through which the alumni of the polytechnic can keep in touch with the students and staff of the polytechnic, with the activities of the polytechnic and with one another.

To enable the alumini to take part in such activities of the polytechnic as may contribute to the general improvement the status of the polytechnic..

To help the alumini to get achieve from the polytechnic on various technical problems that they may come across in their work.

To create and establish endowments for instituting prizes and scholarships for students of the polytechnic on the basis of the merit and render financial aid to deserving poor students studying in the polytechnic.

To bring out a bullet in periodically, highlighting the activities of the polytechnic and its alumini.To further such other aims as the general body may decide from time to time.


The life membership subscription of Rs100% (rupees one hundred only )is to be paid as a lump sum. The membership fee shall be collected at the time of admission to I year.

The Alumni Association Committee meets once in a month and also meets under special occasions. The regular activities of our Association is to arrange, invited lecture of the Month for the final year students. The invited Lecture will be pertaining to the relevant topics of all disciplines of students in a rotation manner. Alumni employed in Foreign countries like United States etc, are constantly interacting with us through e-mail.


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